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David L. Jackson, Jr.

“When your belief is strong and your purpose just, no obstacle can stand in your way”

About David L. Jackson, Jr.

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Mr. David L. Jackson, CPM, COS, has been a resident of the City of St. Louis for over thirty (30) years.  He was educated in the St. Louis Public School system and graduated from Central High School in 1976.  Mr. Jackson was a member of the United States Air Force and was honorably discharged in 1983.  He holds Bachelors of Science Degrees in Business Administration and Criminology from St. Louis University.  Mr. Jackson also received an Associate of Art Degree in Accounting from Sanford Brown Business College.  Mr. Jackson is a certified Property Manager by the National Center for Housing Management.  Mr. Jackson is certified as a First Responder by the American Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.  Mr. Jackson is a Board Member of the City of St. Louis Tax Increment Financing Commission and Vice President of the City of St. Louis Board of Education.

Mr. Jackson was previously employed by several major General Contracting firms in the St. Louis area in the capacities of Project Administrator, Director of Programs, Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager and Project Coordinator.  Mr. Jackson’s construction experience expands over twenty-five years.   In the above capacities Mr. Jackson has been primarily responsible for overall project administration and management.  These responsibilities included but were not limited to; conceptual estimating and hard bid budget preparation, bid solicitations and proposals, subcontractor selection and negotiations, development and implementation of project schedules, purchasing and coordinating delivery of construction materials and equipment, conducting weekly Owner and subcontractor meetings, pricing, change order preparation and submittal, on-site supervision and coordination of subcontractors.

Mr. Jackson has successfully completed and has been involved in over $200 million dollars in construction projects, both commercial and residential.  Some of his major projects include; the Residences at Murphy Park located at 20th and Cass Avenue and the King Louis Square Apartments at the old Darst-Webbe Housing Complex and over twenty high rise, converted office buildings to loft and apartment facilities on downtown Washington Avenue.

Mr. Jackson was responsible for development and implementation of several minority and women owned business enterprises policies, procedures and programs for many major construction firms throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area.  These programs included subcontractor selection, negotiation, hiring, needs assessment, preventative training, investigation, alternative dispute resolution and mediation services, remediation and educational counseling and on-going support.   Mr. Jackson has served as liaison with various governmental agencies relating to M/WBE programs, inclusion and job training and placement.

Mr. Jackson is a management professional attuned to the ever-changing challenges and direction of the construction industry, particularly as it relates to diversity and minority participation.  Mr. Jackson served as the Chairman, Contracting Subcommittee of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development St. Louis Metropolitan Section 3 Technical Assistance Team, relating to the training and hiring of low-income residents, as well as assuring Section 3 Business Concerns received construction contracts.  Currently he is co-founder of the St. Louis Section 3 Compliance Collaborative.  A collaborative made up of a non-profit, government agencies and privates businesses dedicated to ensuring all metropolitan St. Louis jurisdictions have access to resources to comply with Section 3 of the U.S. Housing Act of 1968.

In 2003 Mr. Jackson formed D.L.J. Construction Services, LLC, a firm which specializes in general construction, subcontracting, construction management and administration, minority and women owned businesses utilization and Section 3 development and implementation, as well as, workforce diversity.  Mr. Jackson formed this firm to be a one stop shop for developers and owners in providing and assisting them with resources for their respective project by providing all services needed and required from development stage through to constructed completion.

Current Project: I have been awarded a contract to provide project management, economic development and Section 3 Compliance on the $20 million dollar Jazz @ Walter Circle Mixed Income Senior Housing Development in East St. Louis.  This is the first of three new housing projects scheduled to be development over the next three years.  The project is a first of its kind in the Nation which includes housing development utilizing New Markets Tax Credits Funds leveraged with Public Housing Development Funds.

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David L. Jackson, Jr.

“When your belief is strong and your purpose just, no obstacle can stand in your way”.


Welcome to David Jackson Offers the Truth.  Here you will hear straight talk and the truth.  David L. Jackson, Jr.  is a man who deeply values the truth, and informing and educating people of the processes! A nationally recognized Speaker, Trainer and Economic Development Professional, he holds Bachelors Degrees from St. Louis University in Business Administration and Criminal Justice, served as a two-term Vice President of the City of St. Louis Board of Education, and as a co-founding member of the St. Louis Section 3 Collaborative. He has  coordinated numerous political campaigns, directed training initiatives, and mobilized community response and informative events.  David L. Jackson, Jr. has been a Newspaper Guest-Columnist and a lecturer regarding minority business enterprises and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 3 Law regarding Training, Employment and Small Business Contracts.

“When your belief is strong and your purpose just, no obstacle can stand in your way”.

David L. Jackson, Jr.